Singer/Songwriter, Matt Bizzell, was born on April 26th 1967. He started playing guitar at age 6, influenced by Hawaii 5-0, Ray Charles, Richie Haven, Frank Sinatra, The Doors, YES, Elo, Kansas, Heart, The Police,Zepplin and Willy Nelson. He went  full force into talent shows, pool halls, and dive bars, his first band, in high school was Ferrari started in 1984.  Soon the band was getting huge gigs, and he walked away in the parking lot ( He was 2nd percussionist in an all black band based in Charlotte, N.C.. As well as garage bands in the mix, he later went into construction work to make a living and during that time, building his craft ,he pitched songs to artists like Garth Brooks, 16th ave, Tim McGraw Curb Records rep in Weddington N.C., Jimmy Wayne in a restaurant, Travis Tritt, and Wynonna Judd's producer Don Potter along with a lot of gutsy moves that you just don't do unless you are some how driven by the force of something in you. You would think this is about a country singer but its just a songwriter dipped in blues note tunes as well as jazz influenced in songs like Good Morning City, blues based Big Momma Mother Nature, Shoes, Cradle my Soul. Riding the tail of this comet with the pieces of things that make a great story from wild avenues. Left with just making a trail of his own in the N.C. mountains, Matt has learned to find a nitch in entertainment that needs to be seen. He continues to write and do shows til the end of it all to change the course of a ghosttown life.